ZY-CP600 Automatic Corrugated Carton unpacking/loading/sealing All-in-one Machine

Automatically complete the unpacking, forming, bottom bending and bending

Product description

Automatically complete the unpacking, forming, bottom bending and bending, and at the same time, complete the bottom tape sticking, collect the goods and put them into carton by manipulator, top bending and sealing, all of the steps finished by the machine, saving time and labor.

A wide range of short carton, easy adjustment of different sizes of carton.

The whole operation is stable and reliable, the packaging effect is solid and beautiful.

Configuration is high, the main components use international famous brands.

The equipment is simple, easy to maintain.

Automatically correct the carton straight angle

Technical specifications

Model ZY-CP600
Overall performance approx. 400 cartons/hour
Manipulator performance 12 times / min (each)
Box sealing method Tape sealing or hot melt sealing
Paperboard box Min. 300*250*200 mm
Max. 600*500*500mm
Power supply AC 380V 50/60Hz 7.5 KW
Air supply 0.6-1.0 MPa\s
Air consumption <1m3/min
Machine dimensions (L*W*H) About 5000*2200*2900 mm
Machine weight 3000 kg
Machine material Aluminium alloy, stainless steel 304

Main electrical parts

Touch screen: Schneider GXU5512
PLC program: Schneider, TM241CEC24T
PLC (extended): Schneider TM3Dl16/ TM3DQ8T/ TM3DQ16T
Servo motor: Schneider BCH0802O12A1C
Inverter: Schneider ATV310H037N4A
Reducer: Newstart PL80L2-25-P2
Vacuum pump: BECKER WEA90S2
Solenoid valve: FESTO VP742R-SD01-04A
Cylinder: FESTO
Sensor: SICK