ZH-130 Automatic box packing machine (medium box)

Machine is suitable for packaging pharmaceutical products, foods, cosmetic and daily products

Product description

The machine is suitable for package the pharmaceutical products, foods, cosmetic and daily products, such as Blister package tables, Blister package pill, Granules in 4 side sealing bags, Bagged powder, Plaster paste, Bottled make-up Water, Cream, Lipstick, Facial Mask, Canned drinks, Chocolates, Milk tablet, Biscuits, Cake,4 side seal wet wipes, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Poker, Electronic... and so on.

Production flow:

  • Inner materials
  • loading materials
  • enter conveyor
  • box charger
  • opening box
  • box transfer
  • fill material (paper charger – fold paper – add instruction paper)
  • lot number printing
  • sealing box Tongue insertion/Spray glue
  • box output conveyor
  • finished

The machine can be used alone, or be linked with other device (become a production lines)

Technical specifications

Grammage Between (250-450) g/m2
Carton Size [mm] (L×W×H) (Special customized available) Length: 70-250mm
Width: 50-120mm
Inner Product size [mm] Less than box size, Approx. 3-5mm each side
Steady production speed 30 - 65 cartons/min
Dimensions 3600×1100×mm(L×W×H)
Weight 1500kg
Standard power supply Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [KW] 1.5 KW
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Compressed Air Pressure ≧0.6MPa
Noise <70 dB
Sealingstyle Tongueinsertion/Spray glue

Main electrical parts

Touch screen Omron NB7W-TWOOB
PLC Program Omron CPIE-N30DT-D
Extended module Omron CPIE-C1F11
Inverer Omron 3G3JZ-A4015
Encoder Omron B-ZSP3806E2C
Proximity switch Omron TL-Q5MC1
Color sensor Sick 121
Motor CH-1500-10S 1.5 кВт
Cylinder Airtac
Solenoid valve Airtac 4V210-08
Hot melt glue Switzerland ROBATECH / USA NORDSON (optional)